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Foshan Huangxi environmental Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in air curtain fan, diagonal flow duct fan, heater and ventilation equipment. It integrates R & D, production, sales and service Committed to creating a green living environment for users. Under the supporting motor and living appliances two business divisions.

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Six core advantages

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Lean process

Technology synchronized with Europe

It represents not only the highest level of manufacturing technology in Germany, but also the highest level of manufacturing technology. Huangxi's products sell well in more than 80 countries and regions all over the world, which fully proves that Huangxi's products have reached the certification standards of European authorities and reached higher inspection standards in the industry!
We have developed products with independent property rights and international technical standards. It has rich product connotation in design aesthetics, dynamic and dynamic performance, technical content and overall quality.


Sophisticated Equipment

Domestic large brand machines

Huangxi's mould machine and production equipment are domestic large brand machines, and the key equipment is imported from Europe.
Gather the world's advanced equipment, for the production and inspection of high-quality products laid a solid foundation. Even for products that are extremely sensitive to precision, Huangxi is still able to cope with them


environment protection

New materials and advanced technology

A large number of new materials and advanced technology make the motor of Huangxi lead the similar products in terms of wear resistance and material fatigue resistance. This not only extends the service life of the product, but also ensures that the product can operate safely and environmentally friendly (non-toxic, odorless, flame retardant) under various conditions (especially harsh conditions).


Precision technology

Manufacturing technology and nyps management mode

Motor integrates the high and new technology of many subjects, such as motor, automatic control, precision machinery, new materials and so on. There are many manufacturing processes of the motor, involving precision mechanism, magnetic material processing, winding manufacturing, insulation treatment and other technology, which requires a large number of process equipment and high precision. In order to ensure the quality of motor products, Huangxi invested a series of precision testing instruments with advanced manufacturing technology and nyps management mode to achieve the advanced technology and quality standards synchronized with Europe.


Fashion elements

Show the unique beauty of contemporary home

Design concept has become the core element of enterprise development philosophy and strategy. At the beginning of its establishment, the company realized that industrial design is very important to people's life, and formed such a concept: quality not only depends on the technology and reliability of the product, but also depends on the mature design and use function. Industrial design is not only related to product manufacturing, but also a carrier of communication and understanding.
Huangxi's imaginative design creates a distinctive product concept - the product is an important factor to show the unique aesthetic feeling of contemporary home, and should show fashion elements.


One stop OEM / ODM service

OEM manufacturer

With a professional team of designers, according to the needs of customers, wind curtain machine design, product development cycle is short; Butler type intimate service: follow up the production progress of orders for you throughout the process, and regularly inform the production progress.

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Foshan Huangxi environmental Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in air curtain fan, diagonal flow duct fan, heater and ventilation equipment. It integrates R & D, production, sales and service. The company is committed to creating a green living environment for users. It has two business divisions: supporting motor and living electrical appliances. The company is located in Foshan City, central Guangdong Province. It is located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta. Guangzhou to the East. It is adjacent to Zhongshan in the south. In history, China has gathered around the world..... MORE》





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